For Reviewers

Before accepting the role of the peer reviewer of a specific contribution please read the whole section Publication Ethics and Publication Malpractice Statement.

The complete and collective list of reviewers of the journal Onomastica is made available on the journal website and is updated after every new volume is issued (see: List of reviewers). A current list of reviewers is published in each paper issue of the journal as well.

The journal Onomastica uses double-blind review process. It also implements procedures that prevent ghostwriting and guest authorship.

Reviews are prepared via Open Journal System. Reviewer can fill an online form or attach filled .docx review form available here.

All contributions sent for publication are reviewed according to the guidelines set out by the Minister of Science and Higher Education of May 29, 2013 in the document ‘Kryteria i tryb oceny czasopism naukowych’ [The criteria and the mode of evaluation of scholarly journals]. 

  1. Contributions submitted for publication undergo preliminary evaluation by the Editor-in-chief and the Section Editor. Their acceptance or rejection may also be consulted with the members of the Academic Council.
  2. Those contributions that meet the journal criteria regarding both their content and form are then reviewed by two independent scholars.
  3. A review concludes with an explicit decision of the reviewer to accept a contribution for publication (possibly on certain conditions) or to reject it.
  4. Authors are informed by the editor about the outcome of the review procedure, they receive a copy of the review and are obliged to act according to the suggestions made in the review within the specified deadline.