Key Words in "Onomastica" (Quantity, Content, Form)
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Key words are in Poland an unappreciated methodological tool. Polish editors have required key words to be given in scientific papers since the end of the 20th century. Key words have been used by the journal “Onomastica” since 2002 (vol. XLVIII). The present paper discusses preliminary research that aims at describing the quantity, content, and structure of key words given in the papers published in “Onomastica” issues from the years 2002–2016. The author analysed 211 papers containing 979 key words in Polish. 681 key words are formally unique units. Most of the 681 key words are individual terms (coined by the authors of the papers) or proper names. Only 17 percent of keywords occurred in more than one article. The analysed set of key words contains many general scientific terms as well as many linguistic and onomastic terms. Among the latter, a low presence of fixed terminology is to be noticed. This paper points out formal and functional inadequacies of key words present in the analysed set, though an improvement is to be seen in the recent years.
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