Vol. 61 No. 2 (2017): Onomastica LXI/2
Onomastica LXI/2

ed. Barbara Czopek-Kopciuch, Kraków 2017, 476 pp.
ISSN 0078-4648

Full Issue

Chronicle of scientific life

Zygmunt Klimek (Poland)
pp. 5-10
Sketch for the scientific biography of Professor Maria Malec
PDF (Polski)
Aleksandra Cieślikowa (Poland), Iwona Nobis (Poland), Rozalia Przybytek (Poland)
pp. 11-26
Scientific works of Professor Maria Malec
PDF (Polski)
Bogdan Walczak (Poland)
pp. 27-34
The Role of Proper Names in Language and Culture
PDF (Polski)


Renata Przybylska (Poland)
pp. 35-41
Marysia, Maryla, Mania… On the Category of Current Names
PDF (Polski)
Barbara Czopek-Kopciuch (Poland)
pp. 43-51
The Personal Name Maria in Polish Oikonymy
PDF (Polski)
Artur Gałkowski (Poland)
pp. 53-64
The Name Maria in Italian Onymy
Iwona Nobis (Poland)
pp. 65-75
The Name Maria and its Derivative Forms in Contemporary Polish Chrematonymy (as Exemplified by Hotel Names, Holiday Parks, Villas, Lodges, Private and Agrotourist Quarters, Guest Rooms etc.)
PDF (Polski)
Bogusław Dunaj (Poland)
pp. 77-89
Functions of Proper Names
PDF (Polski)
Mariusz Rutkowski (Poland)
pp. 91-104
Proper Names and the Conceptual Metaphors
PDF (Polski)
Krystyna Kowalik (Poland)
pp. 105-116
Remarks on the Formation of Adjectives Derived from Place Names in the Polish Language
PDF (Polski)
Ewa Wolnicz-Pawłowska (Poland)
pp. 117-127
Key Words in "Onomastica" (Quantity, Content, Form)
PDF (Polski)
Halszka Górny (Poland)
pp. 129-141
The Name Cz(ś)cibor in Polish Anthroponymy and Toponymy
PDF (Polski)
Irena Sarnowska-Giefing (Poland)
pp. 143-163
First names in Poznań in the Context of the “lata miłościwe” of the Catholic Church Based on Material from the 16th Century and the First Decades of the 17th Century
PDF (Polski)
Józefa Kobylińska (Poland)
pp. 165-174
Masculine Personal Names Ending with -a in the Gromada Register of Kasina Wielka Village (16th–18th Century)
PDF (Polski)
Zofia Abramowicz (Poland)
pp. 175-191
Syncretism in the Anthroponymy of Jewish and Christian Inhabitants of Podlasie
PDF (Polski)
Elżbieta Umińska-Tytoń (Poland)
pp. 193-217
Names of Illegitimate Children in the 19th Century (on the Example of Działoszyn)
PDF (Polski)
Paweł Swoboda (Poland)
pp. 219-237
Action and Reaction. Changes in the Choice of First Names among Poles in the Time of the World War II
PDF (Polski)
Julija Gurskaja (Belarus)
pp. 239-252
Evolution of Surnames in the Aspect of the Linguistic Fashion: Trends and Language Mechanisms
PDF (Русский)
Elena Palinciuc-Dudek (Poland), Paweł Dudek (Poland)
pp. 253-263
Towards Assimilation, Integration or Separation? On First Names in the Context of Biculturalism and Emigration
PDF (Polski)
Małgorzata Magda-Czekaj (Poland)
pp. 265-275
Calendars, Dictionaries and Others — on the Sources of Contemporary Name Choices
Renata Kucharzyk (Poland)
pp. 277-287
The Suffix -icha/-ycha as an Example of Dialects Applied in Anthroponymy. A Study of the Surnames of Women Involved in Politics
PDF (Polski)
Ewa Jakus-Borkowa (Poland)
pp. 289-302
Polish Oikonyms with the Suffix -at-ka
PDF (Polski)
Urszula Wójcik (Poland)
pp. 303-322
Mazovian Toponyms Motivated by Slavic Compound Names
PDF (Polski)
Zbigniew Babik (Poland)
pp. 323-334
Przerośl — an Attempt at Reconstructing the Evolution of the Semantics of a Topographical Term
PDF (Polski)
Karol Zierhoffer (Poland), Zofia Zierhofferowa (Poland)
pp. 335-342
Polish Exonyms from Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia of the 14th to 18th Century
PDF (Polski)
Rudolf Šrámek (Czechia)
pp. 343-365
Slavic Elements in the Toponyms of Styria. Remarks on Contact Onomastics
PDF (Deutsch)
Yaroslav Redkva (Ukraine)
pp. 367-379
A Systemic Approach to the Analysis of Slavic (Ukrainian and Polish) Oikonymy from a Diachronic Perspective
PDF (English)
Urszula Bijak (Poland)
pp. 381-400
Onymic Arboretum
PDF (Polski)
Jadwiga Waniakowa (Poland)
pp. 401-412
Surnames in Plant Names
PDF (Polski)
Małgorzata Rutkiewicz-Hanczewska (Poland)
pp. 413-429
Semantic Diffusion in the Proprial Marketing Space, or Trends in the Use of Native Appellative Names
PDF (Polski)
Rafał Zarębski (Poland)
pp. 431-445
The Role of the Oldest Polish Versions of the Bible in Shaping the Traditions of Proper-name Translation
PDF (Polski)
Maria Biolik (Poland)
pp. 447-459
Incipits with Proprial Components in Gustaw Gizewiusz’s Folk Songs
PDF (Polski)
Katarzyna Skowronek (Poland)
pp. 461-476
Female “Dimensions” of the “Onomastica” Journal
PDF (Polski)