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Aims & Scope
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The Editors invite Authors to submit theoretical or data-driven original articles, overview articles, book reviews, notes, and reports concerning proper names in all their aspects and varieties. We welcome proper-name-focused contributions from all linguistic disciplines as well as from other non-linguistic fields such as philosophy of language, history, geography sociology or culture studies etc. The submissions may be written in English, Polish, German, French as well as in all Slavic languages. The journal is addressed mainly, though not solely, to linguists and scholars devoted to Slavic studies.

The published articles are expected to provide notable and novel contributions to the general theory of proper names, present general data-driven findings concerning proper names in Slavic and non-Slavic languages or provide in-depth analyses and discussions of single name or names if these prove to be relevant to broader and more complex questions in the field of linguistics, history, geography, culture studies etc. The only criterion used by the Editors when evaluating a submission is its scientific quality, novelty, the expected impact on the development of the study of proper names, and the paper’s ethical quality.

Overview articles are expected to provide critical and broad survey of existing findings and/or theoretical stands, while including novel improvement, amendment or supplement proposals to the discussed issues as well. The same applies to book reviews, which are expected not to be limited to a sheer summary of the discussed work. In the case of overview articles and reviews the main acceptance criterion is whether the submission inspires and advances the scientific debate over the onomastic issue in focus.

Notes and reports (e.g. concerning conferences) are only accepted if they provide substantial contributions useful in the prospective surveys and analyses of the trends in the study of proper names and of the history of its development.