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The article discusses a file with around 450,000 geographical names that has been freely accessible on the Internet for a few months. The title of this file is Nomina Geographica Europaea. Bibliographische Sammlung zu europäischen Orts-, Flur- und Gewässernamen reachable at the following Internet address: https://adw-verwaltung.uni-goettingen.de/ortsnames/images_lightbox.php/.
The text describes the file in more detail. Its origin, principles and structure are outlined and refer- ence is made to the fact that its use is completely free and open to anyone interested.
In the second part of the article, an example of the migration of Slavic tribes to the Balkans is intro- duced to show how the file with its large amount of data can be used: the collection of geographi- cal names allows, thanks to the information it contains, to create mappings, the results of which are important for the question of the routes by which Slavic tribes made their way south.

PDF (Deutsch)


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