Vol. 65 No. 1 (2021): Onomastica 65/1
Onomastica 65/1

Volume 65 (No. 1 & 2) of Onomastica is dedicated to the memory of Professor Barbara Czopek-Kopciuch

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Ed. Urszula Bijak. Kraków 2021, 280 pp. 365
ISSN 2658-2783 (Online)
ISSN 0078-4648 (Print)
List of reviewers of the Onomastica 65

Language editors:
Dagmara Świerkowska (Polish), Aeddan Shaw (English), Inge Bily (German), Miroslava Kyseľová (Slovak)
Publishing editor: Dagmara Świerkowska
DTP and typesetting: Andrzej Choczewski / Wydawnictwo JAK (www.wydawnictwojak.pl)

© Copyright by Instytut Języka Polskiego PAN, Kraków 2021


Peter Jordan (Austria)
pp. 23-37
The crucial and contested concept of the endonym/exonym divide
PDF (English) ePub mobi
Iveta Valentová (Slovakia)
pp. 39-67
Slovak exonyms and some of their current problems
PDF (Slovenčina) ePub mobi
Christian Zschieschang (Germany)
pp. 69-82
Perspective of the research on microtoponyms Sorbian Lausitz
PDF (Deutsch) ePub mobi
Jürgen Udolph (Germany)
pp. 83-98
A new bibliographical collection of European place, field and water names — instructions for use
PDF (Deutsch) ePub mobi
Walter Wenzel (Germany)
pp. 99-105
The Old Sorbian Osěk- and Osěč- names
PDF (Deutsch) ePub mobi
Grasilda Blažienė (Lithuania)
pp. 107-121
Polonization of Prussian toponyms in the light of language contacts
PDF (Deutsch) ePub mobi
Jerzy Duma (Poland)
pp. 123-135
Affricatization of the palatal *r' in toponymy of West Pomerania
PDF (Polski) ePub mobi
Leszek Bednarczuk (Poland)
pp. 137-144
Baltic names in the Mazovia region
PDF (Polski) ePub mobi
Urszula Wójcik (Poland)
pp. 145-159
Place names as artifacts of legal and social institutions of the early Piast monarchy
PDF (Polski) ePub mobi
Halszka Górny (Poland)
pp. 161-175
The name Stanisław and its derivatives in the oikonymy of Poland in its historical and cultural aspect
PDF (Polski) ePub mobi
Danuta Lech-Kirstein (Poland)
pp. 177-191
Silesian geographical names motivated by colour terms
PDF (Polski) ePub mobi
Zbigniew Babik (Poland)
pp. 193-216
An attempt to assess the degree of effectiveness of assigning apellative and anthroponomical etymons to toponyms of the Wadowice district as confirmed in the late 1950s: Part one: introduction, appellatives
PDF (Polski) ePub mobi
Yaroslav Redkva (Ukraine)
pp. 217-236
Relics of the appellative *volja in modern Ukrainian and Polish oikonymic space
PDF (Українська мова) ePub mobi
Mariusz Rutkowski (Poland)
pp. 237-254
On the critical method in toponomastics
PDF (Polski) ePub mobi
Jaroslav David (Czechia), Jana Davidová Glogarová (Czechia)
pp. 255-269
President Václav Havel as an inspiration for Czech urbanonymy
PDF (English) ePub mobi
Oliviu Felecan (Romania), Nicolae Felecan (Romania)
pp. 271-287
Feminine names in current Romanian hodonymy
PDF (English) ePub mobi
Agnieszka Myszka (Poland)
pp. 289-305
Linguistic and cultural interferences in the urbanonymy of Przemyśl
PDF (Polski) ePub mobi
Justyna B. Walkowiak (Poland)
pp. 307-325
Contemporary Polish street names motivated by transitional toponyms
PDF (Polski) ePub mobi

Onomastic research in Poland and in the world

Stanisława Sochacka (Poland)
pp. 327-341
Katowice - Stalinogród: In a climate of scientific discussions and ideological disputes
PDF (Polski) ePub mobi