Vol. 62 (2018): Onomastica LXII
Onomastica LXII

ed. Barbara Czopek-Kopciuch, Kraków 2018, 369 pp.
ISSN 0078-4648

Lista recenzentów numer LXII czasopisma Onomastica


Magdalena Graf, Paweł Graf
pp. 15-31
A Name in a Buttonhole — Onymy in Poetic Texts (Based on the Example of Bruno Jasieński’s Poetry)
PDF (Polski)
Adam Siwiec
pp. 33-55
Proper Names from the (Literary) Backstage. Onomastic Aspects of the Prose of Marek Słyk on the Basis of his Novel “In the Borsch
PDF (Polski)
Ewa Oronowicz-Kida
pp. 57-71
Anthroponyms in a Farmer’s Diary from the Beginning of the 20th Century (Motivation and Functional Analysis)
PDF (Polski)
Wojciech Włoskowicz
pp. 73-98
On Concepts, Conceptual Systems and Terminology of Onomastics
PDF (Polski)
Mariusz Rutkowski
pp. 99-112
The Internet as an Issue for Onomastic and Medioonomastic Studies
PDF (Polski)
Agnieszka Myszka
pp. 113-128
Commemorative Names of Streets — A Deliberation on Terminology
PDF (Polski)
Elżbieta Rudnicka-Fira
pp. 129-144
God’s Names in the Religious, Cultural and Sociological-Historical Aspects
PDF (Polski)
Józefa Kobylińska
pp. 145-181
Names of the Krakow Dominicans in “Księgi gromadzkie wsi Kasina Wielka” (17th–18th Century)
PDF (Polski)
Bożena Hrynkiewicz-Adamskich
pp. 183-202
Using the Quantitative and Qualitative Method of Statistical Analysis in Linguistics with Reference to the Male Christian Names of Northern Russia. To Mark the 90th Anniversary of the Birth of Professor Vasiliy Danilovich Bondaletov
PDF (Polski)
Oksana Chornous
pp. 203-224
A Classification of Ukrainian Surnames Derived from the Proper Names of Persons on the Basis of Appearance
PDF (Ukrainian)
Justyna B. Walkowiak
pp. 225-241
The Stage Names of Polish Interwar Artists
PDF (English)
Ewa Rogowska-Cybulska
pp. 243-258
Goździkowa przypomina… Concerning the Word Formation of Proper Names in the Texts of Advertisements
PDF (Polski)
Oleg Belej, Helena Sojka-Masztalerz
pp. 259-272
Ukrainian Oeconyms in the Context of Decommunization Processes in Central and Eastern Europe at the End of the 20th and Beginning of the 21st
PDF (Polski)
Irena Kałużyńska
pp. 273-280
Substitution by Homophones in Chinese and Changes to Old Street Names in Beijing after 1949
PDF (English)

Onomastic research in Poland and in the world

Rita Heuser, Andrea Scheller
pp. 281-290
„Das Digitale Familiennamenwörterbuch Deutschlands“: Möglichkeiten und Perspektiven der Digitalen Familiennamenlexikographie
PDF (Deutsch)
Katarzyna Skowronek, Barbara Czopek-Kopciuch, Halszka Górny, Małgorzata Magda-Czekaj, Elena Palinciuc-Dudek, Elżbieta Supranowicz
pp. 299-314
“The Most Popular Surnames in Poland — Past and Present. E-Dictionary”. Progress report.: Stan badań nad projektem
PDF (Polski)