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Vol. 63 (2019)
Published December 27, 2019
Onomastica LXIII

ed. Barbara Czopek-Kopciuch, Kraków 2019, 361 pp.
ISSN 0078-4648

List of reviewers of the Onomastica LXIII


Magdalena Graf, Paweł Graf
pp. 13-30
Theoreticians of Literature and Proper Names (Introductory Remarks)
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Małgorzata Rutkiewicz-Hanczewska
pp. 31-50
The Return of Names in the Context of Language Universals: Ancient and Contemporary Local Names with an International Character
PDF (Polski) ePub mobi
Anđela Frančić
pp. 51-65
Boundaries Between Anthroponymic Categories
PDF (Hrvatski) ePub mobi
Jonathan J. Kalmakoff
pp. 67-114
Ulichnye Familii among Doukhobors of the Caucasus and Canada
PDF (English) ePub mobi
Ewa Wolnicz-Pawłowska
pp. 115-125
The Basic Principles of the Standardization of the Names of Physiographic Objects in Poland. Part I
PDF (Polski) ePub mobi
Elżbieta Kowalczyk-Heyman
pp. 127-144
About Meanders of Identification of Medieval River Names in the North-eastern and Eastern Mazovia Region
PDF (Polski) ePub mobi
Urszula Bijak
pp. 145-156
Deanthroponymic Potamonyms in the Vistula River Basin (Methodological Problems and Typology of Names)
PDF (Polski) ePub mobi
Wojciech Włoskowicz
pp. 157-180
Geographical Names of the Hutsul Region in the First Volume of the Novel “On the High Uplands” by S. Vincenz (In Light of S. Hrabec’s Research)
PDF (Polski) ePub mobi
Katarzyna Sicińska
pp. 181-207
The Titles of Stories in the “Na Skalnym Podhalu” Collection by Kazimierz Tetmajer – Syntactic and Semanti
PDF (Polski) ePub mobi
Ewa Młynarczyk
pp. 209-226
Trends Related to Creating Names in Social Chrematonymy of the Second Polish Republic (Based on the Names of Associations)
PDF (Polski) ePub mobi
Mirosława Sagan-Bielawa
pp. 227-239
Between an Advertisment and a Proper Name. The Adjective Tani ‘Cheap’ in the Names of Polish Pharmacies
PDF (Polski) ePub mobi
Xiaoqiong Wang, Irena Kałużyńska
pp. 241-261
Contemporary By-Names of Chinese Places
PDF (English) ePub mobi
Karolina Galewska
pp. 263-278
The Translation of Chinese Proper Names: A Cognitive Approach
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