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Vol. 66 (2022)
Published December 31, 2022
Onomastica 66

Editorial team: Halszka Górny (Ed. in chief), Paweł Swoboda, Urszula Bijak, Katarzyna Skowronek, Justyna B. Walkowiak, & Urszula Wójcik
Kraków 2022, 388 pp.
ISSN 2658-2783 (Online)
ISSN 0078-4648 (Print)
List of reviewers of the Onomastica 66

Language editors:
Dagmara Świerkowska-Kobus (Polish), Aeddan Shaw (English), Jitka Bieleń (Czech), Magdalena Bystrzak (Slovak), Bogumił Ostrowski (Russian), Rafał Szeptyński (Ukrainian)

Publishing editor: Dagmara Świerkowska-Kobus
DTP and typesetting: Andrzej Choczewski / Wydawnictwo JAK (www.wydawnictwojak.pl)

© Copyright by Instytut Języka Polskiego PAN, Kraków 2022

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Mariusz Rutkowski (Poland)
pp. 37-50
The Methodologies in onomastics and culture
PDF (Polski) ePub
Iza Matusiak-Kempa (Poland)
pp. 51-64
Surnames of Poles as a culture text and basis of research into community self-narration
PDF (Polski) ePub
Žaneta Dvořáková (Czechia)
pp. 65-83
Prisoner lists of the so-called Gypsy concentration camps from the perspective of onomastics
PDF (Čeština) ePub
Tomasz Kurdyła (Poland)
pp. 85-108
The relatively rare and mysterious surname of Kurdyła: Meaning, origin, geography, morphology
PDF (Polski) ePub
Mirosława Sagan-Bielawa (Poland)
pp. 109-124
The names Galicja and Małopolska in the period of establishing eastern borders of the Second Republic of Poland (on the example of “Gazeta Lwowska” from 1918 to 1923)
PDF (Polski) ePub
Stefan Ruhstaller (Spain), María Dolores Gordón Peral (Spain)
pp. 125-146
Material traces of past cultures as a motive for the creation of Spanish place names
PDF (English) ePub
Shaun Lim Tyan Gin (Singapore), Francesco Perono Cacciafoco (Singapore)
pp. 147-171
From Pasir Ris to Pioneer: Singapore’s Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) names in relation to its identity.
PDF (English) ePub
Анна Мезенко ()
pp. 173-187
Gender ratio in the mirror of the urbanonymy of Vitebsk and Bialystok at the beginning of the 21st century: a comparative aspect
PDF (Русский) ePub
Tariel Putkaradze (Georgia), Mikheil Labadze (Georgia), Sopio Kekua (Georgia)
pp. 189-200
Georgian and Turkish onymy in the speech of Georgian speaking Muhajirs living in the Düzce region (Turkey)
PDF (English) ePub
Artur Rejter (Poland)
pp. 201-217
Discourse strategies in proper names in relation to multiculturalism as a feature of modern travel literature
PDF (Polski) ePub
Tetyana Kosmeda (Ukraine)
pp. 219-231
Linguo-creative onomastics: the media image of Vladimir Putin in Ukrainian and Russian discourse
PDF (Українська мова) ePub
Magdalena Puda-Blokesz (Poland)
pp. 233-247
Onomasticon of ancient (Graeco-Roman) pedigree in Marek Krajewski’s crime novels
PDF (Polski) ePub
Izabela Łuc (Poland)
pp. 249-264
Naming strategies enhancing the development of the creativity of young recipients (using the example of stories in Agnieszka Zimnowodzka’s “Humorki” [Little humours] cycle)]
PDF (Polski) ePub
Katarzyna Burska (Poland)
pp. 265-286
Proper names as a basis for language games in online advertising messages — exemplified by the fan page LIDL Polska
PDF (Polski) ePub
Jaromír Krško (Slovakia)
pp. 287-298
Logonyms as a part of the linguistic landscape
PDF (English) ePub
Artur Gałkowski (Poland)
pp. 299-311
Markonyms as taxonomic operators in (chremat)onomastic terminology
PDF (Polski) ePub
Juraj Hladký (Slovakia)
pp. 313-328
On the use of basic hydronomastic terms and the possibilities of their harmonization
PDF (Slovenčina) ePub
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