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Vol. 64 (2020)
Published December 31, 2020
Onomastica LXIV

Eds. Barbara Czopek-Kopciuch, Urszula Bijak. Kraków 2020, 280 pp.
ISSN 2658-2783 (Online)
ISSN 0078-4648 (Print)
List of reviewers of the Onomastica LXIV

Language editors:
Artur Czesak (Polish), Aeddan Shaw (English), Paweł Swoboda (Croatian)
Publishing editor: Joanna Hołdys
DTP and typesetting: Andrzej Choczewski / Wydawnictwo JAK (www.wydawnictwojak.pl)

© Copyright by Instytut Języka Polskiego PAN, Kraków 2020


Katalin Reszegi (Hungary)
pp. 23-39
Toponyms and spatial representations
PDF (English) ePub mobi
Ewa Wolnicz-Pawłowska (Poland)
pp. 41-52
The basic principles of the standardization of the names of physiographic objects in Poland. Part II
PDF (Polski) ePub mobi
Urszula Wójcik (Poland)
pp. 53-67
The lexeme świnia and related forms as motivating words in Polish onymy
PDF (Polski) ePub mobi
Tomasz Jelonek (Poland)
pp. 69-82
Roadside shrines and roadside crosses in geographical names (as exemplified by the microtoponyms of gmina Wręczyca Wielka near Kłobuck in the north of Silesian voivodeship)
PDF (Polski) ePub mobi
Irena Kałużyńska (Poland)
pp. 83-92
Name-creation in Chinese
PDF (Polski) ePub mobi
Halszka Górny (Poland)
pp. 93-106
Is there a need for a lexicographic study of anthroponomastic terms?
PDF (Polski) ePub mobi
Evelin Mozga (Hungary)
pp. 107-120
Processes used in the creation of anthroponyms in Old Hungarian
PDF (English) ePub mobi
Wojciech Włoskowicz (Poland)
pp. 121-148
Names of Austro-Hungarian military units. A study in name policy in the field of military chrematonymy
PDF (Polski) ePub mobi
Izabela Łuc (Poland)
pp. 149-166
The names of upper Silesian cafés in the sphere of consumption culture
PDF (Polski) ePub mobi
Terhi Ainiala (Finland)
pp. 167-177
Aspects of localness: a pilot study of kiosk and grill food names in Finland
PDF (English) ePub mobi
Agnieszka Sieradzka-Mruk (Poland)
pp. 179-192
Names of the stations in the Way of the Cross service (changes in their structure and function in 20th century)
PDF (Polski) ePub mobi
Edyta Grotek (Poland)
pp. 193-209
An onymic image of the world in translation via a third language on the example of anthroponyms in the collection of stories „Baummoos pflücken” (lit. “The Lichen Collector”) by Zhang Wei
PDF (Polski) ePub mobi
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